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“Value-based healthcare is the equitable, sustainable and transparent use of the available resources to achieve better outcomes and experiences for every person”.

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Based in Ontario, Canada, SterileCare develops preventative and treatment-related solutions to fight against the threat of serious infections.  SterileCare aims to provide preventative and treatment related solutions through research and collaborations with healthcare professionals thereby improving the quality of patient care.

KiteLock 4% is the only non-antibiotic, antimicrobial solution with the capability to eradicate biofilm of all relevant bacterial strains and yeast including superbugs. (eg. MRSA, etc.). KiteLock 4% solution was effective at eradicating surface-attached biofilms from Gram-positive, Gram-negative, and fungal species, to prevent biofilm growth within CVADs and to eliminate established biofilms.

[Please click link below to SterileCare’s website for clinical references]

The Triple Threat are three interrelated processes occurring inside a CVAD. Blood forms a clot inside the catheter lumen. Clots feed microorganisms. Microorganisms create biofilm. Biofilm is a sticky surface promoting clot adherence. The three gears must be knocked out to avoid further CVAD complications or the cycle repeats.